Werk Me (SLM’s Dirty Love Mashup ft. VELO & Cannoli) – VIDEO

Dear Electro-Hip Hop music lovers,

Last month I had a chance to work with some HOT local Northwest talent, VELO and Cannoli.  For those of you in Seattle who don’t know – when these to forces of hotness come together, there’s no stopping them!  Sexy, raw, and in your face…that’s what you get when you watch these two dance it out.  Their latest work, a cover version of the song Werk Me, originally by Hyper Crush, takes on an entirely new flavor when SLM remixes it to become a fresh new hip hop sound.  The mashup with SLM’s Dirty Love comes as a surprise, previously written as an instrumental demo.  Now, combining talent from multiple sources I’m able to present to you a lot of action in just 2:00 minutes.

Hope you enjoy the new music video for Werk Me (SLM’s Dirty Love Mashup ft. VELO & Cannoli).  It’s a tribute to the original artist, Hyper Crush.  The shoot was a blast!  **Song or video – not for sale or distribution.

Video for:

Werk Me (SLM’s Dirty Love Mashup ft. VELO & Cannoli)

Videographer / Director: Izzy Corey

Vocalists: VELO, Cannoli

Backup Dancers: Thomas Glass, Rickylee Alip

Music – Mashup – Remix: SLM (Scott Lawrence)

Original song: Hyper Crush


What’s next?  How about a short psycho-dramatic film called Marcy by director Bretton Findlay…coming soon, featuring an original ambient score by Scott Lawrence – that’s me.  :-)

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SLM’s sets & playlists…more to come!

SLM’s Electro-Dance & Remix

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Spring – Inspiring Artists

Seattle’s Art Walk – A refreshing delight!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining a few friends down in Seattle’s Pioneer Square for the free monthly art walk. What a treat!  Amongst the plenty of galleries and thousands of wonderful pieces of original art, I managed to pick out a few personal favorites from what I had time to see.


JLS – oil on canvas – 60” x 60” by artist: Tracy Boyd

Tracy’s work can be currently seen at Axis Gallery in Seattle’s Pioneer Square district.  Additional artist information.

Bent – acrylic on four wood panels – 72” x 167 1/2” by artist: Juan Alonso

Juan’s work can be currently seen at 301 Storefront Gallery Space in Seattle’s Pioneer Square district.  Additional artist information.

Rockford – welded found steel with concrete – 41.5” x 49” x 14.5” by artist: Deborah Butterfield

Deborah’s work can be currently seen at Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle’s Pioneer Square district.  Additional artist information.

La Danse Macabre Molar – acrylic and glitter on wood – 24” x 36” by artist: Camille Rose Garcia

Camille’s work can be currently seen at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle’s Pioneer Square (south).  Additional artist information.

Smith Tower – woodcut – 21” x 16” by artist: Lockwood Dennis

Lockwood’s work can be currently seen at Davidson Galleries in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.  Additional artist information.

Ferris Lights – spray paint – 48” x 48” by artist: Joseph Steininger

Joseph’s work can be currently seen at Centennial Center Gallery in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.  Additional artist information.

The Seattle Art Walk event is free the first Thursday of each month, from noon until 8:00pm.  Join me in the next one on May 1, 2014.

For more information go to http://www.firstthursdayseattle.com.

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Enemy (male version) – a mockup from original, by SLM

An educational project, studying the music and arrangement for the song “Enemy” by Sara Lumholdt.  I did not write the original song.

I did write the instrumental mockup (karaoke) sorta hip hop version here.  If you’d like a free copy of that then just ask me.  Thanks.  – SLM

Lyrics from the original song:

Enemy – Sara Lumholdt

Your mind for the second time around, criminal mind, you’re slipping, you slide. Your mind’s and some other girl’s who, wonder who’s cheating who.
Your crime with a promise to change, love becomes more it’s a dangerous game. Can’t help feeling sorry ’bout you. But what does it matter now?
Too late, too long, too far gone.

Get on your knees and pray, its your names on the bullet in the barrel. You got a debt to pay, I’m taking you down.
You’re the enemy, enemy, enemyyy
You’re the enemy, enemy, enemyyy.
I’m taking you down.

You pay for the choices you’ve made.
I’ve had much more than a woman should take.
Can’t help feeling sorry ’bout you, but what do...

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Who’s SLM?









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Fall to Winter


Paris, France (Sept, 2013)


Park at Greenlake 1 (Nov, 2013)


Park at Greenlake 2 (Nov, 2013)


Greenlake 1 – Seattle, WA (Dec, 2013)


Greenlake 2 – Seattle, WA (Dec, 2013)

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Here is…




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Lost In A Digital World – Album Release: 11.12.13


Lost In A Digital World

/ Preview & Purchase Album Here /

That’s the title of my first completed, self-produced cinematic album that I began recording in 2010. I wrote some of the original piano versions of the melodies during the past 20 years and then later expanded them. If you’re an artist, then you know that the timeline for reaching goals, especially personal ones, does not always match up to our dreams. I kept my sights low. My original idea was to professionally record a couple songs on the piano for fun. I mean to say that – that would have been plenty to make me happy, in the beginning. Consistently, things added up to what now totals close to 100 pieces of new music that I’ve produced during the past 3 years…, some as singles, some for clients, some for albums and others available for licensing via MIBE.

IMG_0020bI admit that while not having the resources I really wanted (an acoustic piano, full orchestra and million dollar recording studio), I utilized the best equipment I had to create these recordings – my own brain, a laptop, a digital piano, a couple keyboards and a few software programs – nothing too fancy. I put it all to good use during a very difficult time (physically, mentally, financially), and began writing lots of music. That helped me to focus on what’s important in my life and to satisfy a deep need to contribute something to the world.

My need to connect with people through music and find a true audience became ongoing. Bouncing back from my music studies, which began over 10 years ago, and my fantasy to become a composer since age 7, I hit the record button many times. Without judging too harshly and letting the muse guide the process, I realized that I had a lot to say. My new musical expressions and arrangements then unfolded dramatically. Some might say too dramatically, meaning that there is a large sense of fantasy in most of my compositions and likewise with the music you’ll hear on the album, “Lost In A Digital World”. It’s film music.

Here are a few selections:

Threading together this blanket of sound, I remembered years ago how albums...

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Across The Miles

I compose music. He sings. We collaborate.

Allow me to reintroduce Nick James, a British singer-songwriter who’s been busy pursuing a few varied musical avenues.  A while back, one of those avenues lead to me and we’ve been working together on and off for almost a year now.  I’ve been impressed with Nick’s ability to write lyrics and sing – obviously, along with his eagerness and determination in taking direction from across the planet.  Together we’re able to produce original music coming from two cities almost 5000 miles apart.  You see, I live in Seattle, Washington and Nick is from Birmingham, just outside of London in the U.K.  It’s been very interesting and challenging at times since we have yet to meet in person, and we each have our own approach to creativity – studio time, equipment, and technical abilities.  I do not sing, and thankfully Nick’s voice has been a pleasure to mix and edit.

It’s such an unconventional way of managing things in comparison to the industry’s p...

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New Release!


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I Need Your Love (SLM’s Temple Foot Mashup)

Here’s an example of a true mash-up – two different songs that can fit together nicely.  Last year, I wrote and released a piece of music called Temple Foot. It’s mostly a dance song while some would say it’s more of a cinematic piece, but that’s the case with most all of my work. I try to create music that can stand on it’s own, without lyrics. I’m not a great lyricist and so it only makes sense for me to focus on what I’m good at; dramatic, cinematic, fun music.

Whenever I have the chance to imagine doing something different like writing lyrical dance music – I get excited. You see, it’s been one of my goals to write more dance music, more lyrical pieces, either for placement in film, advertising, etc. or simply to be released independently as singles. In some cases, I realize that it’s going to require collaboration with other artists, musicians, vocalists to ultimately get the sound that I want. Ok, so I’m NOT too old to form a band…right? Haha. For now I’ve been brushing up on my skills; remixing, remastering, arranging, experimenting with samples and a cappella vocal tracks. If you’re an artist who may be interested in working together on a project, then please get in touch. I’m always looking for opportunities to grow and share.

Temple Foot-650x

Temple Foot (original song)

INYL - SLM Remix_650x

I Need Your Love (Temple Foot Mashup & Remix)

Thanks Calvin Harris for releasing a free a cappe...

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A Part Of Twerking History?

Most recently I was given the opportunity to visit le Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale de Paris, France. Beforehand, I’d seen a few photos online but never thought I’d end up with my own, very large collection of images from an early morning visit last month. Here are 20 shots (I’m not a professional photographer) that I’d like to share in case you’re looking for images of this 4.5 acre tourist spot, re-opened to the public in 2006. I’ll spare you the other 100+ photos for now. Also, you’ll find more info and historical details via these links:

Messy Nessy (in English) *My favorite.

Atlas Obscura  (in English)

Into The Woods (in English)

Jardin Tropical De Paris (in French)

Paris (in French)

The peaceful landscape, dynamic ruins, and historical architecture offered much to be photographed as a nature lover, myself...

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